In the beginning was the Ear.

Radio features belong to the part of my life’s work that I left behind when I moved to Berlin in the mid-1980s. Many people will already have listened to radio features, perhaps without even realizing it. Superficially, features resemble reportage and the two are as easily confused with one another as the starling and the blackbird. It is only the blackbird though that sings so beautifully. Read more

Journey to the Ice Edge | Prix Futura Winner | 1985

A ‘contemporary classic’, a beautiful and provocative documentary by the reclusive Danish producer Niels Peter Juel Larsen. This program won the 1985 Prix Futura in Berlin and stirred considerable controversy when it was first broadcast. Journey to the Ice Edge is an unblinking account of a hunting expedition by dog-sledge from a trading station, Niaqornat, to the ice edge at the mouth of the Ummannaq fiord in Greenland.


Death in the Mountains | Prix Italia Winner | 1978

Death in the Mountains (DØDEN I BJERGENE) was recorded in Nicaragua from mid-December 1977 to late January 1978 and deals with the missing farmers of that time and their surviving families. The feature is not a political reportage but rather a portrayal of social life in a small Central American dictatorship. Nicaragua became, for me, a symbol of universal human suffering and political oppression. It is my opinion that these conditions are the result of instincts in human nature when they are given free reign.

About three weeks after my arrival, the leading opposition politician Pedro Chamorro Juaquin was murdered. In the following weeks, we experienced one of the most turbulent periods in Nicaragua in recent years. Then everything seemed to drop back into a sleep until the eventual revolution broke out and the Sandinistas took power. In assembling this piece, I chose to use only the bereaved mothers and wives vote to show Somoza's victims as the official descriptions of Nicaragua are presented by male voices.

Americana - Part 1

Description for Americana - Part 1

Americana - Part 2

Description for Americana - Part 2