Why I write

All of my earlier books deal with war, the loss of a father, traumas and so on. These have been significant themes in my life but not the only ones. I have been interested in, and written about, much more besides. Without going through my entire Curriculum Vitae, it all began with a series of radio features, documentary compositions of voice, text and sound, which brought me international awards, the Prix Italia and Prix Futura among them, as well as eventual dismissal from my job. Without wanting to ignore my production of historical novels and similar works, let me just add this: next to everything I’ve written – not just about war but also about love and guilt – lies another huge compost heap, waiting, ever-growing and fermenting, namely my isolation, alienation or however it is you refer to it these days. Read more 


Alicia - A Love Story (read review) has recently been published in Danish and will shortly be available as an e-book in German.

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Published: 2006 | ISBN: 978-87-91812-45-3 | Language: Danish | Buy online | Read review

The story of the French princess Charlotte-Amélie de la Trémoïlle (1652-1732) who comes to the Danish court, where she falls in love with and marries Count Anton von Aldenburg. 

Sofi and the Polish Knight

Published: 2005 | ISBN: 978-87-99147-20-5 | Language: Danish | Buy online

The story of three children who accidentally travel back in time to 17th century Denmark.

I det Fremmede: Reportages and Essays

Published: 2003 | ISBN: 978-87-595-2055-0 | Language: Danish | Buy online

I det Fremmede is a rich collection of deeply personal commentaries and essays written with an exile’s melancholy lucidity. Subjects range from war, travel and religion to love and across countries including Nicaragua, Bosnia, Scotland, China, Germany and Denmark.

Among the Dead: The Story of a Search

Published: 2000 | ISBN: 8759515457 | Language: Danish | Buy online

Among the Dead is an autobiographical novel tracing the story of Danish journalist Jonas Kjær’s quest to learn everything he can about the circumstances of his father’s death. Set in Berlin around the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the novel traces Jonas’s dogged attempts to piece together as many details as possible about the circumstances of his father’s death. The result is a gripping—and at times gut-wrenching—examination of Germany’s recent history and one man’s struggle to come to terms with the past.

Man's Life, Man's Honour

Published: 1998 | ISBN: 9788759510933 | Language: Danish | Buy online

Man’s Life, Man’s Honour is an autobiographical novel about two men’s fate during the German occupation of Denmark – a Danish resistance fighter and a German Gestapo officer. The first must sacrifice his life, the other flees to avoid taking the consequences of his war crimes.

The Road to Jerusalem

Published: 1997 | ISBN: 9788700300781 | Language: Danish | Buy online

A colourful novel about the Crusades of the 11th Century. In 1095 Pope Urban calls all Christians to join a crusade to Jerusalem to liberate the city from the Muslims. The Danish nobleman Rane Blakkesen from Kalø is not slow to accept the invitation.

King of the Midnight Hour

Published: 1995 | ISBN: 9788700228726 | Language: Danish | Buy online

The story of Henry Rusius, son of a Jutland baron and a Jewish maid, who after the death of his father travels abroad and becomes a robber of international stature – a worthy opponent for Commissioner Vertay, one of the leaders of the French Revolution, who sees it as his foremost task to break Henry.

The Bastard

Published: 1993 | ISBN: 9788700157286 | Language: Danish | Buy online

A historical novel of the Norman Conquest with William the Conqueror at its center describing a time when power, war and love were something very different from today.

History of a Murder

Published: 1985 | ISBN: 978-87-744-52119 | Language: Danish | Buy online

The story of a Danish outlaw at the beginning of the 19th century.

History of an Execution

Published: 1980 | ISBN: 87-16-08566-3 | Language: Danish | Buy online

Text about History of an Execution.


Published: 1978 | ISBN: | Language: Danish | Buy online

A collection of short stories