Alicia belongs among the most painful, controversial and masculine of love stories. Here is a man pushed to his limits by two fundamental experiences of life – love and war. Staying in Paris, the war reporter Jonas encounters the beautiful and mysterious Alicia. From there, the story moves to the coast of Brittany, the jungles of Nicaragua and the Copenhagen night where they meet and lose each other all over again. 

Alicia is a tragic love story of classical beauty, musically pure and intoxicating. A wild and carefree longing, an indefinable sound and a boundless sadness run through the narrative like an underground stream. 

“The dreams and longings of childhood and adolescence are gathered together into great passion that assumes an erotic form … written in a supple voice that brings both erotic scenes and reports from the warzone in Nicaragua equally to life.”
Kristeligt Dagblad

“A fine little love story that explores what obsession can do to people … the recurring love story between Jonas and Alicia has its roots in the classic love story of Tristan and Isolde, to which is added an extra pinch of sexual danger.”